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Software development, including the field of technical specialists who worked in a different world from daily activities in the business world, has been democratized. The new business models are now integrating technology, development and business, and the managers of the business units are now involved in the development of programs that were once sent to a windowless room, served by mysterious high priests of the code, working late into the night and greedy energy drinks.

These days have passed, thanks to a new generation of software development outsourcing platforms as services that simplify the creation of applications, together with the new cloud and innovative innovations that brought IT to the light of day in a new cloud of points. of the era’s boom of easy access and development for the masses.

Technological innovation came in waves. From the dotcom boom in the 1990s to the recent start of mobile and smartphone applications, each subsequent iteration of innovation has become more accessible. The simplicity in the development of these applications and the convenient platforms to sell them has resulted in more than 2.2 million applications currently available on Google Play, 2 million in the Apple store, 669,000 in the Windows store, 600,000 in the store of Amazon applications and 234,500. in the BlackBerry world, and BlackBerry applications are expected to grow rapidly after the company’s recent transition from its iconic hardware platform to a software company.

According to Landis, in the initial stage of the dot-com boom, launch costs often amounted to tens of millions of dollars. All software was made to order and took a long time. Small projects were not. As the launch cost approaches zero, the dotcloud boom era has already begun. Today we are witnessing a new type of emerging companies in the post-dot-com world, which we call dotclouds.

These new flexible companies use infrastructure in the cloud, so they do not need a data center. They use SaaS development platforms, so they do not need a large number of programmers. And they take advantage of things like existing app stores, so marketing and sales are as simple as placing an app in an online store with a creative description.

There will always be great ideas. The difference today is that these ideas are much easier to implement, and the smaller application development companies will not be created by technologists, but by innovative business users. Landis launched SaaSMaker in recognition of the continued development of technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

Today, the evolution of cloud computing has led us to the fact that entrepreneurs can create anything from a prototype to a large-scale free system on a single “idea-income” platform, which allows them to create prototypes, develop, implement and sell. The new era of dotcloud will be marked by developers who strive to significantly reduce time to market, leveraging cloud infrastructure and services to avoid the costs associated with local operations, and drag-and-drop development that closes the gap that traditionally exists between companies and IT.

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