Photography is considered as another art

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Currently, photography is considered as another art , that is, the camera as well as the brush and the canvas has become an essential tool for many artists to express their emotions. But like most contemporary art in photography, the idea that is sold is even more important than the work itself. That is to say, that the idea of the work prevails over its formal aspects.

Thus, artistic interior photographer hong kong beyond its beauty makes us question and pose a series of questions. If it does not, it will only be a beautiful image, which will be relegated to being only observed and forgotten, as some of the images that reign in this world whose democratization of photography has created a society accustomed to seeing, but not to look at the images who are around us.

That is to say, in photography, like all art, the concept and coherence of discourse take on an important importance when it comes to making photography, of creating it. We could say that this vision of photography as art comes from the 1960s when artists seemed more concerned with the concept and the idea than with the actual materialization of the work.

For example, there are artists who use photography to express their emotions. Many of these photographs may not be very bright either aesthetically or technically, but they have a very powerful concept , such is the strength in the idea behind the work that manages to eclipse the aesthetic deficiencies of the image. On the other hand we find images made by artistic photographers that are of such beauty that they become art by themselves, for their beauty and their perfect realization when taking the photo.

But let’s face it, an artistic photograph will only be one that meets the two requirements , one that can be evaluated both by its realization and by the concept it wants to transmit to us.

As we can see in the video that opens the post, Baldessari is the artist of the appropriation of images, mixing in his works his own photographs with those images from various sources, such as those taken from the media.

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