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The technological demands of Internet users have led the gaming and videogame industry to walk hand in hand with digital platforms in order to reach an important place in electronic commerce, achieving in recent years to position itself in the first places in the world economy, where very strong sectors such as travel, tourism and transport agencies, as well as online clothing and footwear sales, have a high market share.

Every year the number of people who access eCommerce is greater, since e-commerce generates trust due to the high security standards of financial transactions, which are accompanied by a wide range of stores recognized around the world, that’s why casinos make their best bet on digital platforms, in order to reach more users who replicate their experience, managing to increase the memberships and visits of curious Internet users who become a potential customer, in a market that is at a certain point. high growth .

The Russian World Cup 2018 markedly increased the number of sports bets on the internet, however, online slots are still the favorite of online players, as the slot machines offer long hours of entertainment, with little investment and also promise great prizes through the progressive jackpots that gambling houses such as Net Bet Casino, Jackpot City, Europa Casino and Spin Palace, offer their most frequent visitors.

The statistical data reveal that the online gaming industry is one of the five main electronic businesses in the world, generating a great impact on the economy and to achieve this the developers and the gaming houses have added some aspects to the platforms, which are important to do notice, let’s see:

The Free-to-play scheme is a marketing strategy that is highly valued at present, since it attracts a player who, despite downloading or playing online for free, will want to acquire tools to advance theĀ Slots game in a short time. It will be necessary to access additional modules that require the intermediation of electronic payments with real money.

The offer of games in cyberspace is expanding more and more, however, the expectant players want to advance in level and know the new versions that imply new challenges, that is why creatives design models that must be updated periodically through the cloud, in such a way that fun and entertainment are present in any place.

Videogames and online casinos platforms promote the experience of multiplayers in order to establish relationships in a virtual world from the comfort of the player’s favorite place, for this it promotes eSports, which are videogame competitions worldwide, that have acquired great popularity among young people.

The global connection through adaptive Apps where electronic devices such as the Tablet, the laptop and the smart phone, allow access to the various games of cyberspace just a click away, becoming a very current trend that represents a great tool for the positioning of online games in electronic commerce, facing the future of business online.

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