New update for Outlook

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The new update for Outlook for Android will allow you to reduce the size of the attached images so you can save data from your mobile rate without having to resort to third-party applications.

In this way, we can reduce the size of the attached images in Outlook without the need to go to an external application, which will mean a considerable saving of both time and mobile data. And is that with the current social life and portability of work, it is more than one occasion we had to go to a third party application to reduce an image before attaching it to the mail, something that will no longer be necessary if you use the manager of Microsoft.

In this way, when we touch an image in Outlook from your Android application, we can reduce its size so that we do not weigh the file so much. This is a feature designed both for productivity (if we have to send an image or capture to the office at the moment), or for our free time (if we want to share with our friends or family a photograph just made with the mobile).

The rest of the add-ons present in this update for on Android are focused on performance improvements and small errors that go unnoticed with this added reduction of images. To enjoy this new feature simply access the Google Play Store and update your Outlook application for mobile and tablets. Few things are more embarrassing and annoying than not receiving a news or notification on time because the mail of your important contact has gone to the spam tray.

All mail platforms and applications have a filter that tries to detect when an email you receive is unwanted advertising, and automatically moves it to the spam tray. But the filter is not infallible, and sometimes ends up considering junk email to important messages from your contacts.

It is a good practice to take a look at the Spam Tray from time to time, to detect personal emails that have leaked. If you want to avoid it, you have to mark the emails of your contacts as secure mail. This way you will skip the spam filter and they will always reach your Inbox. In this brief tutorial we explain how to prevent a contact’s emails from going to the Spam tray on the most important email platforms.

When creating an Outlook account you can select the country in which you reside so that the data center stores your emails as close as possible to where you live, a circumstance that remains fixed until you decide to change it in the configuration options of your account The problem with this is that with the passage of time you can change your country of residence, forgetting to vary your data center account.

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