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In this unCOMO article we recommend the second option and for this reason we will talk about the treatment of facial fat. Keep studying! As has been shown above, one of the possible reasons for skin falsity is a low protein diet AmbroSina Skin Cream. Therefore, among the best forms of facial facial treatment can be the mask created with eggs and yogurt.

Approximately one part, the egg is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, so it has regeneration and nutritional properties that feed the larger layers of the skin and stop the loss of bovine collagen in front of us. However, yogurt is indeed a natural moisturizer that prevents the possible lack of moisture inside the skin, remember that it accelerates the skin’s maturation.

Another of the best treatments for face tearing can be natural honey and olive oil masks AmbroSina Skin Cream. Approximately one part, honey is truly effective natural humectant with a high antioxidant and vitamin content that helps skin and moisture remain firm and protects cellular oxidation.

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