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There is another decisive factor in the process of defining the text: the line width. According to John Kane in his Typography Manual, the optimal line width contains between 35 and 65 characters (approximately 7-12 words). Tap to pull calculator, define a width for the text box and count how many characters come in depending on the size. With these variables we can play until we are happy with the line width and body of the text.

Line spacing On the web we have the high line property (line-height) which is the distance between two lines (it is not exactly the same as line spacing). As a general rule, a good recommendation is to establish this space around 120% of the size of the text. However, as we almost always work with letters, we have to give more importance to the visual aspect, the optical appearance, than to numbers and mathematics.

If we pass line spacing will be very difficult to create continuity, the reader will have to make an extra effort to go from one line to the next and may be lost. If we fall short it will be a nightmare to decide which line we should read next.

It is likely that you have noticed reading my blog that I am not very friendly with the use of templates in web design hong kong. I just think that using templates is not web design. It’s something else.

The use of templates may seem like a good idea for some customers. The problem is that when the design of the content is not aligned with the values ​​of the brand, a poor communication solution is being offered. The client of the designer who hires a template may not perceive it but his clients will do so and will be in a disadvantaged position with respect to their competition.

In principle, the price for hiring a technician to adapt a template to a website is lower than if you ask a designer to do a project that meets the communication needs of the brand. This apparent initial savings becomes a long-term trap. A poor design or not aligned with the brand values ​​is an economic waste (for little that has been paid) that will not give the expected results.

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