Applied with a brush

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There are significant differences in the cost of the various procedures used for teeth whitening:
A whitening session that uses lasers and that takes place in the dental office can cost $ 500 or more Denta Seal Review, providing immediate results and providing dramatically whiter teeth.

However, after a year of eating and drinking (coffee, tea, soft drinks), your teeth lightly stain again. With the whitening done in the office, you will have to pay the $ 500 to whiten your teeth again. A bucket adapted to your mouth and prepared by your dentist for whitening done at home can cost around $ 300, and you can use it several hours a day or overnight for two weeks.

When you observe the appearance of new spots simply Denta Seal Review, use the bucket for one or two nights to remove the stain. The whitening products that can be purchased especially in pharmacies or other centers can be gels that are applied with a brush, bite trays and whitening tapes that can range between $ 10.00 to $ 45.00 pesos.

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